FAQ’s about Exotic Travel Services Group Trips

FAQ’s about Exotic Travel Services Group Trip to Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic
(Week 1) - January 11, 2014 - January 18, 2014
(Week 2) - January 18, 2014 - January 25, 2014

Q – Why should we go on a Group Trip?

A - Join in on the fun!  A Group of new found friends, no more sitting alone wondering how to meet someone, you will be part of the party.  

Great for new couples looking to spice things up – groups bring the comfort of joining in as fast or as slow as you like; and for the more experienced couples, it adds
to the fun of meeting new found friends.

We also at Exotic Travel Services pride ourselves on providing the best service and the best prices.  On all groups trips of 25 people or more couples are hosted by a
“Lifestyle host”, usually the owners of the agency; they help make your trip go smoothly, from check in to check out, and they organize the exclusive functions and
activities just for the group. We have a welcome Happy Hour so everyone has an opportunity to meet others in the group.

PRICE – we have great group discounts and upgrades that are only offered for our group trips.  You can save $100's per vacation traveling with our groups.  Many
activities are included in the price.

EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES – as part of the group, you are invited to attend exclusive activities and parties:

Welcome Happy Hour, Welcome Gifts, Private Group Dinner, Body Shot Contest, Scrumptious body decorating contest, boobie volleyball, testicle toss, clothing
optional, cave exploring, amazing star gazing – too many shooting stars to count and much more.

  • Our Famous- Naked Pool Party in the Main Pool! We hire the DJ and have special games, activities to entertain our group!
  • Exclusive Whale watching with a trip to Bacardi Island – Clothing optional. Experience the best whale watching the Caribbean has to offer.  
  • Free Unlimited Snorkeling and kayaking
  • Private Papulas reserved right on the beach, overlooking the ocean.
  • Private Play Room – We transform the play room into the Garden of Eden playground.
  • Friday Night Bon Voyage Pig Roast and Bonfire on the beach.
  • Authentic shopping tour – see the local merchants.

Q – Do I have to mingle with the other people in the group?

A - No, you can join a group trip just for the great rates, there is no pressure to join in the activities or mingle with the group unless you want to.  The majority of the
people who have been on our previous group trips have enjoyed being part of a group from seeing a friendly face, to sitting with someone you know when dining,
sitting by at the pool, dancing with at the disco.  Best of all, they have built lasting friendships even after the vacation is over, and many look forward to seeing each
other at the next group trip.

Q – What type of people go on these trips?

A - When you travel to an Adult Lifestyle/Clothing Optional location all airs about social class are forgotten, people join in from all around the world, from all walks of
life to all ages, shapes and body types.   Everyone is there to vacation, relax and enjoy themselves.

Our group is very diverse; we couples new to the lifestyle, swingers, nudist and partiers!
Everyone is friendly and open minded.  The object is to have fun whether you want to party with fun people or explore some of your fantasies, you will feel comfortable.

Q – What is the average age?

A - Because we only travel to Adult Resorts, no one under 21 is allowed.  We usually don’t ask your age, we just ask you are a fun open couple or single that wants to
have fun!  In the past years, the people going on our trips range from early 30’s to mid 50’s.    

Q – What does clothing optional really mean?

A – Caliente Caribe is the only “true” clothing optional resort in the Caribbean, where you can be clothed, partially clothed or completely al natural anywhere on the
resort at anytime.  Attire “appropriate for the occasion” is the only dress code for Caliente Resorts.  You are free to where you, the guest, feel most comfortable in.  
Many people dress for dinner, but if you want you can be completely al natural at dinner – it’s your choice.  Please follow al natural etiquette – always carry a towel or
wrap to use when you sit or lay down.

Q – Is there open sex at Caliente?

A - Yes.  Let’s face it; people are in a beautiful tropical paradise, with naked people abundant, drinking lots of umbrella drinks, it is not uncommon for temptation to
take hold.  Many couples are private and take it back to their rooms, to the play room or to the beach papulas, while others enjoy exploring their exhibitionist and
voyeuristic desires out in the open.  This week is a playful week - we have reserved the entire resort to ensure everyone an erotic week of playfulness.  

Q – Can I bring my camera?

A - Of course, what great memories you will want.  Cameras are allowed on the resort and you will want to bring one to capture the beauty of the resort. You can take
nude photos of yourselves as long as others are not in the shot or background. If others are going to be in the picture, please ask their permission as they may not
want pictures getting out of them as they don’t want anyone to know where they vacationed at or what they did on their vacation.  The resort personnel are always
willing to take your picture.  The resort has beautiful areas on the beach and on grounds that make spectacular pictures for your memories.  No cameras are allowed
in the play room at anytime
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